Startup Weekend Singapore 2020:
Come together . Imagine tomorrow . Start today
25 - 27 Sep | Friday - Sunday
Wherever you are in the world
Calling all Youths.

Let us take you on a journey. To a universe where vision and creation intersects.

Unite with a community of youth leaders, developers, scientists, and impact heroes to decode the challenges of today.

The world as you see it struggles with global unemployment, mental health issues, injustice against vulnerable communities and a concerned Mother Earth.

You have the power to shape the future.

This 25-27 September 2020, immerse yourself for 54 hours in a space with dreamers and doers, and let startup magic happen.
No talk, all action.
Startup Weekend Singapore
Come together. Imagine tomorrow. Start today.
Imagine this…

Hundreds of youths, dreamers like you, coming together to unite for a good cause, and to develop sound and sustainable ideas for the world of Tomorrow.

As the world progresses, we need to make sure the rest of its people move along with it. Yet we are faced with many challenges, including vulnerable communities, a lack of understanding for mental health sufferers, unsustainable practices and rising unemployment.

This weekend, we are all about action, education and innovation. Pick your challenge, form a tribe and let us take you on a journey to Tomorrow.
As the world progresses, let's not forget the ones most at risk of being left behind. Let's design technology to be accessible to everyone and use it to empower vulnerable communities and drive positive change amongst our fellow human beings. Here are some ways to get you started:

  • Help the world's poorest find a footing in society

  • Let unprivileged children enjoy the same opportunities in life

  • Eradicate gender-based discrimination and abuse
    Take a firm stand and support our friends, family and communities around us suffering from mental illnesses and stigma from a judgmental society. Let's do what generations before us were unable to do - view mental illness for what it is, and take steps towards designing ideas, support systems and safe spaces for mental health through the use of technology. Here are some ways to get you started:

    • Help mental health sufferers seek the right help, advice & treatment

    • Make mental wellness accessible and affordable for everyone

    • Champion mental health and wellness in the workplace
    Much has been said about the next generation's commitment to the workplace. Yet, today's environment makes it harder than ever for an individual to hold on to a job. As a generation that's much more educated than ever before, we are fast emerging with the highest levels of burnout and concerns over the possibilities of retirement. Having grown up with technology all around us, we are also best placed to design the future of work. Here are some ways to get you started:

    • Address global rising unemployment rates

    • Design work and productivity tools of the future

    • Reduce burnout from excessive workloads
    We need to protect our most precious ecosystems for our climate and biodiversity. Human actions have caused much damage onto Mother Earth, and we need to create a future where our oceans and forests can thrive. We need real solutions to combat real threats to our environment - and each and everyone of us can do our part. Here are some ways to get you started:

    • Stop exploitations of our natural environments

    • Combat climate change, ocean pollution and deforestation

    • Protect our wildlife and biodiversity
    Plan your fun.
    Dress in your most comfortable hoodie and sweatpants, set up your screens, prop your chair up with cushions, prepare a weekend worth of snacks and drinks, put on some ambient lights and turn up the music to get your heart pumping.
    Friday 25 September
    Saturday 26 September
    Sunday 27 September
    READY? Go!
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    You'll receive instructions on how to join our Slack channel and get access to The Basecamp, where you can access all hacking info and resources for the weekend.
    FORM a tribe
    Connect with fellow thrill-seekers and decide on an idea you want to work on. You have until 25 September to find your tribe mates and register your team!
    Once you've registered your tribe, you're all set to go! Tune in to the launch at 7pm on 25 Sep and let's get the party going!
    Be inspired.
    This weekend, some of the biggest names in tech will share, from their homes, words of wisdom & advice that will help you realise your dreams. Come and be inspired.
    Heng Swee Keat
    Deputy Prime Minister
    Prime Minister's Office
    Alvin Tan
    Minister of State
    Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth
    David Chua
    Chief Executive Officer
    National Youth Council
    Jennifer Lewis
    Head, Communications & Engagement
    Temasek Foundation
    Ong Tze Chin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cheah Sui Ling
    Operating Partner
    Wavemaker Partners
    Adrian Pang
    Komal Sahu
    Chief of Sustainable Finance
    Alan Phua
    Master Builder & Co-founder
    Alchemy Foodtech
    Jason Su
    Chief Operating Officer
    Farquhar Capital
    Michael Blakey
    Managing Partner
    Cocoon Capital
    Ng Aik Phong
    Managing Director
    Fave Singapore
    Pieter Kemps
    Sequoia Capital
    Justin Kan
    Bryan Choo
    Founder & CEO
    The Smart Local
    Pat Law
    Jackson Aw
    Mighty Jaxx
    He Ruiming
    The Woke Salaryman
    Jeffrey Chi
    Vice-Chairman, Asia
    Vickers Venture Partners
    Jon Sugihara
    Product Director
    BCG Digital Ventures
    Jordan Dea-Mattson
    Site Director
    Maria Li
    Chief Operating Officer
    Tech in Asia
    Mark Lven
    Senior Manufacturing Engineer
    Front End Manufacturing Singapore
    Sang Shin
    Director, Digital Innovation
    Shawn Wong
    Deputy Executive Director
    Wyin Kok
    Product Manager, Digital Technology
    Built by dreamers, for dreamers.
    This is a safe, inclusive and exploratory space for all youths, dreamers and innovators.
    Bring forth your bold dreams, aspirations and ambitions for the world you want to live in.
    Limited edition hack & rave kit
    worth $150 hand-delivered to your doorstep. (First-come-first-served)
    Be inspired
    and get to meet some of the biggest names in tech.
    Digital perks
    & a bunch of other fun stuff to make this the best weekend ever.
    Extraordinary prizes
    & opportunities of a lifetime await the brave and the bold.
    Pitch your vision
    on the biggest digital startup stage.
    Go forth
    & gather your tribe to bring your ideas to life.
    Create startup magic from home.
    Pick your role for the weekend.
    I'm a |
    You are aggressive, enterprising, a go-getter and know how to get things done using whatever (legal) means necessary. Incredibly resourceful & hardworking is your middle name.

    If you can pitch, market, dream up business models, or just simply game to do anything to keep the team running, you're a hustler through and through.
    You make fuzzy visions and half-complete dreams come to life literally (and visually). You create beauty out of inadequate information, unreliable data, and imprecise instructions.

    You're probably a UI or UX person, a graphic designer, or you're best friends with Canva. Either way, if you like making things look beautiful, then you're definitely a designer.
    You convert caffeine into code, usually late into the night. You spend more time with your computer than you do with humans, but that's only because you build shit that other people can't.

    Whether you excel in Ruby, Python, Go or any one of the coding languages (even no code!), this role is yours to claim.
    Buckle up - this weekend we are going to connect digitally and shape history from our own homes.

    19.00 | 25 - 27 September | Wherever you are in the world
    You are invited - to experience the weekend of a lifetime with your family, friends and tribe mates.
    Join the journey
    Meet your hosts.
    Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn,
    then always be a unicorn.
    Durwin Ho
    Joyce Tay
    Raymond D.
    Gowri Reghuvaran
    Shih Han
    Yee Wei
    Jit Singh
    Yang Xinyu
    Grace Tay
    Timothy Noel Ho
    Jeffrey Teo
    Christine Ng
    Cordillia Tan
    Ananya Patnaik
    Chee Hui Ming
    Charleen Phor
    Patrons & partners & Sponsors
    Our heartiest gratitudes goes to the ones
    who make things possible.
    Don't be a bystander.

    We are part of a volunteer-led, non-profit community that aims to educate and provide digital innovators, global dreamers and idea architects with 54 hours of experiential startup education to kickstart their journey to change the world.

    Our efforts are made possible with the support of organisations that advocate for good, responsible governments, and civic-minded game-changers like yourself who are willing to put in money, time and resources to help us champion world-changing ideas.

    We owe to future generations a global world in no worse condition than the one we currently enjoy. Don't be a bystander, let's make startup magic happen together.

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